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Note: If a past Zoomlet is not available below, it is due to the fact that some production licenses do not permit us to provide an archived recording to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience.

3 Tall Persian Women by Anita Abdinezhad – Zoomlet

Directed by Dalia Ashurina | Featuring Anita Abdinezhad, Nicole Ansari and Nora Armani

Three generations of marvelous Iranian women come together for the holidays. They try to deal with Facebook hackers, boy issues, and worst of all, each other’s differing opinions. Who will survive the night?


UPSTREAM / DOWNSTREAM by Sam Hamashima – Zoomlet

Directed by May Liang | Featuring Gabby {G} Momah and Dennis Yen

An unlikely interaction between strangers in a park. Sometimes the most welcoming interaction in a new city comes from an unexpected place.


Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen – Zoomlet

Directed by Carey Perloff | Featuring Mary Elizabeth Mastrantoni and Albert Rubio

An excerpt from the 1881 Danish Classic, Oswald reveals an important secret to his mother about his recent prognosis.


The Seagull by Anton Chekhov – Zoomlet

Directed by Carey Perloff | Featuring Gretchen Egolf and Albert Rubio

A scene from the 1895 Russian Classic, Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplev has attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head, yet he fails to kill himself instead leaving behind a nasty wound. Konstantin asks his mother Irina Nikolayevna Arkadina to change his bandage in an attempt to heal the wound in their relationship.


Esmeralda by Demitra Olague – Zoomlet

Directed by Catherine Castellanos | Featuring Wilma Bonet, Marilet Martinez, and Gabriel Montoya

As she gets ready for her brother’s wedding, Esmeralda lures Gabriel into her room. Her words are a masterful dance ensnaring Gabriel. But what is she planning?


Homeward by Drew Woodson – Zoomlet

Directed by Tara Moses | Featuring Kholan Studi and Chingwe Padraig Sullivan

Meeting in secret at night at Steward Indian Boarding School in 1935, Thomas and William, two Shoshone teenage boys gather to whisper their secret longings for a better life.


Blue by Caridad Svich – Zoomlet

Directed by Marie-Claire Erdynast | Featuring Michelle Talgarow

A swimmer’s poetic meditation on their life, past, present, and future as they swim across the Channel. The swimmer reflects on how they to continue feel alive in the wake of generations of pain, wildfires, and a mini stroke.


River’s Message by Conrad A. Panganiban – Zoomlet

Directed by Jeffrey Lo | Featuring Adrienne Kaori Walters and Carolina Đỗ

On the eve of their University’s Final Examinations, Kennedy creates a Facebook App to help her best friend, River, communicate with her mom who has recently passed away. River’s Message explores the line between life and death over a Wi-Fi connection.


Perfect Numbers by Diana Burbano – Zoomlet

Directed by Katja Rivera | Featuring Stacy Ross and Michelle Talgarow

A woman without a home makes friends with a philosophical octopus on Venice Beach.


Give Her God by Candrice Jones – Zoomlet

Directed by Elizabeth Carter | Featuring Tristan Cunningham, Luisa Frasconi, Garrett Turner, and Akilah Walker

Nisha and Teen, two Black women bound by their friendship to Amber who is dying of cancer, must reckon with racism that rears its ugly head on their friend’s death bed.


Oedipus Rex by Sophocles – Zoomlet

Directed by Carey Perloff | Featuring Steven Anthony Jones and John Douglas Thompson

Marking the summit of classical Greek drama’s formal achievement, Oedipus Rex examines the story of Oedipus, who, in attempting to flee from his fate, rushes headlong to meet it.

Funeral Attire by Lee Cataluna

Funeral Attire by Lee Cataluna – Zoomlet

Directed by Shaun Taylor-Corbett | Featuring Darrell Dennis, Kalani Queypo, and Román Zaragoza.

Kekoa and Nainoa have been called to the funeral home in preparation for their father’s memorial services.


Frozen Foods by Ian August – Zoomlet

Directed by Michael Moran | Featuring Heather Konowal and Dawn L. Troupe

Linda finds Carol in the middle of the frozen foods aisle of the Superfood Market having an existential crisis. Can she snap her friend out of it or will she be sucked into the never-ending cycle of despair?


An American Dream by Dipika Guha – Zoomlet

Directed by Tom Ross | Featuring Tristan Cunningham, Joseph Patrick O’Malley and Danny Scheie

When he falls in love at first sight with a woman he sees at Venice Beach, Seb’s world turnsupside down. An American Dream is a contemporary verse comedy inspired by T. S. Eliot’s The Wasteland and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.


Cashed Out by Claude Jackson, Jr. – Zoomlet

Directed by Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe | Featuring Rainbow Dickerson, Carolyn Dunn, and Lulu Goodfox

Rocky comes home to celebrate her big win at the casino, but her Auntie Nan is not having any of it. Because she knows Rocky is a gambling addict and in the middle of a freefall. This affects the women and Rock’s daughter, Maya as the ladies drum up the past living on an Indian reservation.


Flight by DeLanna Studi – Zoomlet

Directed by Marie-Claire Erdynast | Featuring Eileen DeSandre, Brent Florendo, and Tanis Parenteau

In Flight by DeLanna Studi, Quoya and her father, Otto, talk about a suicide she witnessed.  Otto offers advice for Quoya on how to handle this traumatic event with what it means to be the 7th generation of Cherokee after the Trail of Tears.


A Sure Cure Lure Story by Aaron Loeb – Zoomlet

Directed by Jon Tracy | Featuring Aldo Billingslea, James Carpenter, Cathleen Riddley, and Stacy Ross

A Sure Cure Lure Story by Aaron Loeb is about the difficulties faced when talking about privilege. The characters demonstrate the obstacles to privilege regarding race and sex.


In the Desert by Dipika Guha – Zoomlet

Directed by Peter J. Kuo | Featuring Jillian Macklin, Pooya Mohseni, Michael Khalid Karadsheh, and Jeff Wittekiend

In the Desert by Dipika Guha is an allegorical story about a camel, a man, a camel-child, and a donkey-child. It’s about the consequences left behind after rape and how children of rape move their lives.


The following Zoomlets are unavailable due to rebroadcast rights:

  • The Logic By Will Arbery
  • Night Vision By Dominique Morriseau
  • Great to See You By Theresa Rebeck
  • The Forgotten Place By Jeff Locker

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