The San Francisco Playhouse commissions original plays from writers whose talent and track record have attracted our attention. We seek out the voices of new playwrights who see our world with a unique vision that helps us transcend our problems. Click here to view the original press release regarding our 5-year commission program.

Playwrights we have commissioned:

5th year: Ezra Reaves, Sam Hamashima, Ruben Grijalva
Click here to view 5th-year press release.

4th year: Claude Jackson Jr., Lee Cataluna, Hend Ayoub, Geetha Reddy
Click here to view 4th-year press release.

3rd year: Julia Brothers, Brian Copeland, Ruben Grijalva, Tori Keenan-Zelt
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2nd year: Julie Hébert, Melissa Ross, Octavio Solis, Teddy Hulsker
Click here to view 2nd-year press release.

1st year: Theresa Rebeck, Aaron Loeb, Chelsea Marcantel, Christian Durso
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Additional commissions by San Francisco Playhouse include: Tim Barsky, Bill Bivins, Anthony Clarvoe, Gene Corr, Christian Durso, Lauren Gunderson, Dan Hoyle, Aaron Loeb, Chelsea Marcantel, Randal Myler, Jordan Puckett, Theresa Rebeck, Rhett Rossi, Jon Tracy, and Steve Yockey.