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To keep our patrons and community safe during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, ALL PERFORMANCES are suspended until further notice. We can’t wait to welcome you back.

In the meantime…


Each Monday at 7:00 PM PST, be a fly on the wall at a first rehearsal for our live streaming short-play table read series.

Fireside Chats

Join us each Thursday at 7:00 PM PST for live streaming conversations with our favorite playwrights.

Join the Empathy Gym

Help sustain San Francisco Playhouse through these difficult times, and get a little something for yourself.

Next Live Stream:

Walls Come Tumbling Down

Walls Come Tumbling Down

By Genevieve Jessee | Directed by Darryl V. Jones

Streaming Monday, July 6 2020

Starring Dwayne Clay, Leigh Rondon-Davis, and Kenny Scott.

Darryl V. Jones directs a reading of this short play by Genevieve Jessee.


Standing in Solidarity

We at the Empathy Gym stand in solidarity and love with the black community. We dedicate ourselves to give a voice to the racial injustice in this country.

Arts and culture are among the powerful ways that existing racial and ethnic representations, messages and stories are created and shared. While the doors to our theatre need to remain closed, we commit to using our voice and our network to shed light and inspire change on the racial injustice in this country.

We dedicate ourselves to be anti-racist. To stand up for our dear friends who live in fear of being harmed purely because of the color of their skin. We raise our voice to unequivocally say that black lives matter.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King

We encourage you to explore these resources, many of which have already been shared by our peers in the arts:

American Civil Liberties Union
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Black Lives Matter
Campaign Zero
Color of Change
I Run With Maud
George Floyd Memorial Fund

In solidarity,
Bill English, Susi Damilano, and everyone at San Francisco Playhouse

Just Announced: Our 2020/21 Season

We are thrilled to announce our 2020/21 Season. Subscriptions are now available from $25 per play.

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Our deepest gratitude goes out to all those who have made donations during this crisis.

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Karin Albright
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Loretta and Hendrik Bakker
Ann Bancroft
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Robin Bantleman
Jeremy Barcan
Anne Barnhart
Duncan Barr
Alana Barrett
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Peter Bartels
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Marc Bartoo
Elaine Baskin
Glenn Bauer
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Nanci Beatty
Kate Beckwith
Lynda Beigel & Ellen Davis
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Marcy Belfer
James Bell
Desa Belyea
Randie Bencanann
Barbara Benjamin
Chuck Bennett
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Gary Berger
Roy Bergstrom
Barbara Berkeley
Constance Bernstein
Maria Bertero-barcelo
Gary Berticevich
Gerald Besses
Michelle Bhatia
Madhurima Bhattacharya
Walter Bielski
Vida Bierman
Jessica Bird Beza
Sandra Blair
Cristina Blanco
Katherine Blenko & Joseph Belanoff
William Blodgett
Rachel Bloom
Gerry Blunt
Richard Boberg
Jennifer Boesing
Jim Boey
Cynthia & David Bogolub
Robert Bogolub
Terezie Norman Bohrer
Evan Boido
Audrey Bojack
Audrey Boler
Julia Borchardt
Daniel Bort
Dean Bosche
James Bourgart
Marie Bourget
Monika Branch
Warren & Judy Branzburg
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Carol Breslin
Linda Brewer
Gregg Brooks
Donna Brorby
Mike Crosby & Marsha Brown
Wayne Bryan
Teresa Buckman
Dave & Barbara Burlington
Mary Burns
Joseph Busch
Nina Buthee
Marcus & Sara Byruck
Lynn Caffrey
Karlene Caldwell
Michael and Morgan Muir Callahan
Peter Callahan
Alex & Ann Campbell
Lois Cantor
Jennifer Carlin
The Leo J and Celia Carlin Fund
Jared Carlson
Dan, Suzanne, and Shannon Carroll
Iain Case
Colleen Casey
Joanne Castella
Summer & Adolfo Castells
Nancy Catena
Bill Cawley & Nancy K. Austin
Linda Chafetz
Cecilia Storr and Mark Chaitkin
Alice Chambliss
Andy Chang
Milford Chang
Shu-chen Chang
Steven & Karin Chase
Carolyn Chatham
Andre Chenoweth
Michelle Childs
Susan Chin
Shirley Ching
John Chovanes
Lily Chow
Peter Ciarlo
Betsy Clancy
Gerald Clare
Jane Clare
Paula Clark
Sharon Clark
Mary Claugus
Ken Cleaveland
Casey Clement
Elaine Clifford
Sharon & Dennis Clisham
Ron Clyman and Francoise Mauray
Angela Cohen
Michael & Annette Cohn
Laurie Cole
Stephanie Coleman
Patrick Colford
John Collet
Alice Collins
Bruce Colman
Jim & Jocelyn Colopy
Jill Connolly
Walter & Barbara Connolly
Cynthia Connors
Doug & Rosemary Corbin
Janice Cornwell
Lindsay Corotis
Gene Corr
Christina Cotter
David Cowan
Theodore Craig
Karen & David Crommie
Sandra Cronsberg
Mary Crosby
Suzanne Cross & John Simpson
Heide Cruikshank
Edward Cullen
Paul Curthoys
Jill Curtin
James Daley
Sheila Moore & John Dalton
Susi Damilano
Sally Dana
Loni & Bob Dantzler
Robert Darchi
John Darr
Mk Davis
Keith Dawson
Carol Dean
Gail Debellis
Suzanne Degen
Barbara Demere
Avani Desai
David Desler and Mike Metcalf
Anne Dillon
Lawrence Dillon
Arnold Dito
John Dobleman
Nadra Douglas
Debra Dout
Nancy Dowd
Tom Driscoll & Nancy Quinn
Andrea Dublin
Lydia Dworetzky
Kate Dworkin
Todd Dworman
Katharine Dwyer
William & Janet Eaglstein
Carol Easter
Julie Ebner
Joan Eckart
Stephen Eckstone
Helene and Larry Edelman
Thomas Edwards & Rebecca Parlette-Edwards
John Effinger
Melvin Eisenberg
Janice Elvee
Charles Emery
Carol Emory
Paul English
Bill and Susi English
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Michele Epstein
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Janis Erion
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Andrew Maguire & Doug Cyr
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David May
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Karin & Gregory McClune
Peter Mccool
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Patty Mccrary
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Mary Mccutcheon
Andrea Mcdonald
Susan Mcdonald
Carolyn Mcgee
Ricki & Doug McGlashan
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Randall Imel and Myrtis Mixon
SC Moatti & Matthew Houston
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Vanessa Monzon
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Teresa Moore in memory of Virginia Moore
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Julie Morgan
Robert Morgan
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Arthur Morris
Edward Morris
Barbara Morrison
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Catherine Moss
Rosalyn Moya
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Samuel and Sharon Muir
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Pat Murray
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Margot Rawlins
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Jon and Carol Richards
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Georgia Riley
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Robert Sapeta
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Sandra Schlechter
Becca Schlichtig
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Jack Schneider
Gary Schoofs
Richard Andersen & Ursula Schorn
Roger Schrag
Penny Schreiber
John Schrom
Leonard Schwarz
Suzanne Schweitzer
Erin Searfus
Pamela Sebastian
Janet & Philip Seelinger
James Seeman
Christopher Senn
Luisa Sermol
Dennis Setlock
Earl and Carren Shagley (needs to be changed)
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David Shaul
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Bill & Holly Shepard
Carola Shepard
Dianne Sheridan
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Andrea Shuel
Vladimir Shulman
Chris Shuttlesworth
Jeremy Siegel
Steven + Blanche Sillen
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John Simonds
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Peggy Skornia
Kathleen Slobin
Brian Smalley
Steven Smart
Mike Smith
Nancy Smith
Stephen Smith
Ian Solomon
Judy Soong
Tammy Speed
Jill Spelman
Barbara Spencer
Michael Sporn
Barbara Sprung
Micki St James
Judith Stacey
Nancy Staar
Michael Steel & James Coletti
Bill & Mary Ann Stein
Matthew Stein
Ruth Steinberg
Annie Stenzel
Connie Stephan
Rana Stephan
Laurence Stevens
Bonnie Stiles
Susan Stitt
Ian Stockdale & Ruth Leibig
Loren Stolle
Deb Stoner
Michele Stratton
Leslie Straus
Barry Strauss
Jenn & David Stringer
Lorna Strotz
Lorna & Chris Strotz
Douglas Stubblefield
Dorian Stull
Joseph Sturkey in memory of Lorenzo Sturkey
Nancy Sturm and Robert Love
Melanie Subbiah
Susan Sullivan
Robert Sullwold
Carol Sundell
Victoria Susoev
George Suter
John Sweet
Carolynn And Anthony Tabacco
Sarah Taber
Jesse Taggert
Betty Taisch
Ragesh Tangri
Dorothy Tarrant
Christian Chadd Taylor
Marcy Taylor Pattinson
Assen Tchorbadjiev
Samuel Test
Andrew Teufel
Maggie Thompson
Nancy Thompson & Andy Kerr
Bill Tiedeman
Lois Tilles
Henry Timnick
Maurice Tofig
Teri Torgeson
Mary Lou Torre
Susan Touchstone
Larry Trask
Mike & Renee Tremmel
James Treppa
Jim Turner
Richard Turner
Misty Tyree
Herbert Uetz
Karen Ulring
Kseniya Usovich
Kathleen Valesano
Linda Vallee
William van Dyk and Margi Sullivan
Suzanne Varacalli
Thomas Varner
Joan Varrone
Audrey Vernick
Jim Versteeg
Michelle Vertatschitsch
Moya Verzhbinsky
Jane Viator
Shari Videlock
Yan Virin
William & Terilyn Voegtle
Carolyn Von Damm
Gretchen vonDuering
Pier Voulkos
Margaret Waggoner
Kusum Wagle
Mary Wais
Susan Waldman
Kathleen Wall
Katy Wall
Tamera Walters
Shu Wang
Eileen Ward
Whitney Ward
James Warren
Jill Warren
Arlene Wasserman
Zack Wasserman, In memory of Margaret Zweiback
Susan Watson
Dora Weber
Phyllis Weber
Jim Wegman
Stephen Weiner
Morey & Jonnie Weingarten
Elaine & Stan Weiss
Paul Werner
William Werner
Elizabeth Werter & Henry Trevor
Edward Wesley, in loving memory of George Mayer
Sandra Westin
Robert T. Weston
Frances Whelan
Richard White
Dale Whitmill
Tappan Wilder
John A. Williams
Robert Williams
Emily Wilson
Kathleen Wilson
American Theatre Wing
Barbara & Mordechai Winter
Frances Wisch
Ginger Withers
Karen Wold
Delene Wolf
Pete Wolffe
Sue and Richard Wollack
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Janet Wong
Karissa Wong
Lawrence Wong
Sabrina Wong
William Woods
Fraser Woollard
Claudia Wornum
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Michael Zarrella and Linda Ruggeri
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