Volunteer ushers are a very important part of the San Francisco Playhouse family. It costs nothing but time to become a volunteer usher, and in exchange you get to see the show for free!

Usher Responsibilities

  • Arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes before curtain, check in with the Box Office or Front of House manager.
  • You’ll receive a quick briefing regarding how full the house will be, whether we’ll be using the balcony, special groups etc.

Then you’ll be assigned to one of a number of stations:

  • Lobby Greeter- Pass out programs and welcome patrons just inside the lobby doors, assist patrons with finding restrooms, water fountain, bar, etc.
  • Theatre Door- Check patron’s tickets as they enter the auditorium. Make sure they’re in the right place/date, etc. Then direct to appropriate aisles.
  • Usher- Assist guests with finding their seats in either the orchestra or mezzanine sections.
  • VIP Lounge- Stand by the VIP doors to ensure that only invited guests enter the lounge. Also provide assistance to Lobby Greeters.
  • Other positions as required.
  • After assisting at your assigned position for approximately one hour, you’ll be directed to find available seats in the theatre. Seating is at the discretion of house management. Enjoy the show!
  • If there is an intermission- we will ask you to return to your assigned posts to answer questions, etc. You can coordinate with your fellow ushers to take a restroom break.
  • Following the performance, we’ll ask you to assist with cleaning up the auditorium and you’ll be released for the evening by the Bartender/House Manager.

Sign up to become an usher

If you are interested in ushering, please email [email protected].
For more details, please check out our usher packet here.