Our Commitment to Antiracism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


September 2020

At San Francisco Playhouse, Empathy is our guiding principle. We refer to ourselves as The Empathy Gym, and we practice empathy every day. Our core mission is to “share stories that uplift spirits, deepen self-awareness and nurture compassionate community.”

We embrace Antiracism and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) as movements heralding permanent societal change, not ephemeral causes, and we won’t stand on the sidelines. Together with the support of our constituencies — employees, donors, ticket buyers and volunteers — and their representatives, we rededicate ourselves to antiracism, equity, diversity and inclusion. To that end, we’ve launched a task force consisting of board members, management, and staff whose focus is to review our practices and policies and to recommend meaningful changes and improvements.

We are reviewing our Mission, Strategic Plan, Values and Vision and will refresh them continuously to reflect the spirit and depth of our dedication to antiracism, equity, diversity and inclusion. We’ll vigorously enforce our No Tolerance Policy and challenge intimidation and discrimination in all their forms. We’ll seek input from, and collaboration with, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, non-binary and disabled people with respect to all our company employment practices and artistic activities.

We’ll help create future leaders of color through internships and paid positions as well as training and mentorship programs. To better reflect the composition of our community, we’ll continue to diversify our board of directors, management, staff, and artists. Further, we’ll require everyone, including visiting artists and temporary workers, to participate in equity, diversity and inclusion training.

As to the Native peoples of the Bay Area, we’ll strive to engage them and their representatives with a view to adopting mutually beneficial programs and initiatives.

Finally, for anyone who is interested, we’ll ensure that our operations are transparent and that our financial statements are easy to find on our website.

We intend this Commitment Statement to be a living document. We will amplify or amend it as future circumstances warrant.