Sandbox Series

The mission of the Sandbox Series is to promote new works utilizing top-notch directors, actors, and designers. Sandbox Series productions have limited design elements and shoestring marketing budgets, which reduces the cost and risk of each production. The Sandbox Series has become a platform for plays to go beyond “staged readings” and get up on their feet without a full-fledged “mainstage” production, and thus provides increased exposure to new voices in American Theater.

2019/20 Sandbox Series

The Daughters


Oct 9 – Nov 2, 2019

World Premiere by Patricia Cotter

Directed by Jessica Holt

Sandbox Series Premiere presented at The Creativity Theater

An essential San Francisco story, The Daughters follows the 60 year journey of a community—from the first secret meeting of the first lesbian social club in San Francisco to closing night of the last lesbian bar. As women loving women gather in defiance of convention (and the law), they drink, debate, politicize, flirt, drink more, dance hard, make out, fall in love, break up, make history, and change the way the world thinks about the multi-dimensionality of female sexuality. The Daughters is a play about the transformation of identity, gender, and sexuality across generations in the queer epicenter of the universe. Learn more. | Subscribe.

Born in East Berlin


Feb 5 – Feb 29, 2020

World Premiere by Rogelio Martinez

Directed by Margarett Perry

Sandbox Series Premiere presented at The Creativity Theater

In 1988, Bruce Springsteen played a legendary concert in East Germany and 300,000 people showed up. Born in East Berlin explores the ultimate juxtaposition between the freedom of a rock concert and the captivity of an oppressive government during the time of a great historical and cultural shift. Who will succeed and who will fail when the end of the Cold War backs up against the force of American rock and roll? Learn more. | Subscribe.

Primary User

Primary User

Aug 5 – Aug 29, 2020

World Premiere by Nate Eppler

Directed by Lauren English

Sandbox Series premiere presented at Custom Made Theatre

Where do your posts go when you die? A cutting-edge chatbot unintentionally becomes a digital monument when one of its creators dies unexpectedly, leaving his loved ones to argue over ownership of the digital remains – and their own grief. Primary User is a millennial ghost story and an examination of disconnection and grief in the age of loneliness. Learn more. | Subscribe.


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Past Sandbox Productions

2018-2019 Season:

Graveyard Shift by Korde A. Tuttle

A White Girl’s Guide to International Terrorism by Chelsea Marcantel

The Fit by Carey Perloff

2017-2018 Season:

Non-Player Character by Walt McGough

In Braunau by Dipika Guha

Washed Up on the Potomac by Lynn Rosen

2016-2017 Season:

All of What You Love and None of What You Hatby Phillip Howze

You Mean to Do Me Harm by Christopher Chen

Zenith by Kirsten Greenidge

2015-2016 Season:

1 2 3 by Lila Rose Kaplan

On Clover Road by Steven Dietz

The Rules by Dipika Guha

2014-2015 Season:

77% by Rinne Groff

In a Word by Lauren Yee

2013-2014 Season:

Ideation by Aaron Loeb

From Red to Black by Rhett Rossi

2012-2013 Season:

Inevitable by Jordan Puckett

Grounded by George Brant

2011-2012 Season:

Track in a Box by Tim Barsky

Private Parts by Graham Gremore

Reunion by Kenn Rabin

2010-2011 Season:

Seven Days by Daniel Heath

2009-2010 Season:

Safe House by Geetha Reddy

The Apotheosis of Pig Husbandry by William Bivins