We are grateful to be partnering with the Casting Collective for the audition and casting process of our 2022/23 Season. 

The Casting Collective is a team of casting directors with extensive experience and deep ties to the Bay Area theatre community. The Casting Collective has created and maintains the most comprehensive, regularly updated local talent database in the region. We are aligned in our missions to prioritize local, diverse, and inclusive casting for Bay Area theatre, and are excited about this collaboration.

We invite you to submit your audition in line with our 2022/23 general auditions. Please find the information for our general audition submissions here. Actors local to the Bay Area are highly encouraged to apply. Show-specific auditions are by invitation only. This process is being lead in collaboration with the Casting Collective. Due to the large number of audition submissions, the Casting Collective cannot offer individual replies to each actor. The Casting Collective will reach out to you should they plan on inviting you to a show-specific audition.

San Francisco Playhouse and the Casting Collective are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in casting. Actors of every race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, and ability are encouraged to submit their materials and audition. If you have any questions about San Francisco Playhouse’s and the Casting Collective’s casting approach, please e-mail us at [email protected].