Post-show discussions announced for ‘You Mean to Do Me Harm’

Post-show discussions announced for ‘You Mean to Do Me Harm’

San Francisco Playhouse invites audiences to join the conversation with expert-led discussions following performances of Christopher Chen’s world premiere play You Mean to Do Me Harm. Guest speakers will include Frank H. Wu, George Kich, Dr. Leslie E. Wong, Lee Mun Wah and Geoff Jue.

You Mean to Do Me Harm is a psychological exploration of Chinese and American foreign relations, how our cultural traits affect our lives in ways we don’t anticipate, and of the tenuous nature of the personal relations we hold most dear. The post-show discussion series is aimed at further analyzing these important issues and deepening the audience experience.

About the Speakers

Frank H. Wu: Tuesday 9/25/18 & Tuesday 10/2/18

President of the Committee of 100, Frank H. Wu became a Distinguished Professor following service as Chancellor & Dean at UC Hastings. He is dedicated to civic engagement and volunteer service. In April 2016, the members of Committee of 100 elected him as their Chair; then in February 2017, the Board named him as the group’s first-ever President. C100 is a non-profit membership organization that invites Chinese Americans who have achieved the highest levels of success to join, working on twin missions of promoting good relations between the US and China and the participation of Chinese Americans in all aspects of public life.

George Kich: Wednesday, 9/26/18

Member of Asian-American Psychological Association, George Kich is an independent trial and litigation consultant and a psychotherapist with many years of experience consulting with the legal profession, counseling diverse populations, interracial couples, supervising pre-and post licensed therapists, leading groups, training, teaching, diversity work, conducting social & cultural research, writing, and publishing.

Dr. Leslie E. Wong: Thursday, 9/27/18

President of SFSU & Member Committee of 100, Dr. Wong has received a number of national and community awards including the 2014 Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education, as well as the Region VI National Association of Student Personnel Association (NASPA) President’s award. He is also a member of the prestigious Committee of 100, a national and international organization with the dual mission of advancing constructive dialogue and relationships between the United States and Greater China, and advocating for Chinese American rights in the United States.

Lee Mun Wah: Thursday, 10/11/18

Founder of Stirfry Seminars & Consulting, Lee Mun Wah is an internationally renowned Chinese American documentary filmmaker, author, poet, Asian folkteller, educator, community therapist and master diversity trainer. He is now the Executive Director of Stirfry Seminars & Consulting, a diversity training company that provides educational tools and workshops on issues pertaining to cross-cultural communication and awareness, mindful facilitation, and conflict mediation techniques.

Geoff Jue: Saturday, 10/13/18 after the MATINEE PERFORMANCE (3pm show)

Geoff Jue is Vice President and Head of NA Energy & Utilities at HCL Technologies. Geoff is chartered with growing the industry practice by driving performance and finding new growth platforms in an evolving energy value chain. Geoff is a highly respected executive who brings over 35 years of extensive corporate and consulting experience in the regulated (Utility) and unregulated (Retail) energy industry leading sales, consulting, business development, solutions, delivery, and operations. Prior to HCL, Geoff spent 17 years leading utility sales, solutions, marketing and delivery teams for Accenture and IBM in the areas of enterprise transformation, smart grid, workforce management, application outsourcing, and digital customer experience. Prior to management consulting, Geoff spent 18 years in various leadership positions for regulated and unregulated utility companies in California, Denver, and Minnesota. He received his MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley, and Certificate in Total Quality Management from UC Berkeley. Geoff is a lifetime member of the U.S. Jaycees as Ambassador #2222, the organization’s highest honor. He recently served on the Board of Governors for the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, and as Assistant Scoutmaster to the Boy Scouts of America in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. He is based out of San Francisco.

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