Wera von Wulfen

Wera von Wulfen is thrilled to be a part of the cast of Born in East Berlin and is incredibly grateful to work with such an incendiary group of artists! Before moving to the Bay Area, she acted in Germany and Singapore. Recent SF theatre credits include originating the roles of Alex in Supremacy and Bitsy in Vampire Christmas (The EXIT Theatre), understudying Lindsey in Christopher Chen’s You Mean to Do Me Harm (San Francisco Playhouse), Come Here Often? and The Laramie Project (Left Coast Theatre Co.). Wera is a member of the inaugural class of The Actors Space, a Bay Area artist collective. “Lauren, Patrick, Richard, Stuart & Ms. Kuester: Thank you for seeing the spark. Mami, Papi & Nessy: Ohne eure Liebe und Unterstützung wäre ich nicht hier. Diese Show ist für euch. Credendo Vides. Rory & Butters: Thank you for all the love.” weravonwulfen.com You can’t start a fire without a spark. — Bruce Springsteen