Marco Ghezzo

Marco (he, him, his) comes from a small town in Italy at the foot of the Alps between Italy and France, where traditional Occitan music is preserved, whose tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. He began playing the violin at dance parties in the mountains at a very young age. A little older, he moved to Turin to study Anthropology and on the way to university he met a group of virtuoso Roma musicians from Romania. This intense, refined and explosive music has forever marked his musical life. For years, Marco has lived a few months a year in the Romani neighborhood of Csavas in Transylvania, a place known for its musicians. In 2012, a long tour of the United States and Mexico made him move to the New Continent, where he played with groups from the Balkans and on the world stage. He currently plays with ŚPAGA, KelMO!, Metanastys, and Todos Santos, spreading the spirit of the Roma music that he loves, through his energetic and profound interpretation. He is currently working on his first solo album titled Palé.