Harper Regan



Harper Regan


West Coast Premiere
by Simon Stephens
directed by Amy Glazer
Jan. 25-March 5th
Press Opening January 29th

On a startlingly bright Autumn night in 2006 Harper Regan walked away from her home and her husband and her daughter and she kept walking. She told nobody that she was going. She told nobody where she was going. She put everything she ever built at risk. For two lost days and nights, until it looked as though her entire life might unravel, she didn’t turn back.

From Uxbridge to Stockport to Manchester and back again, Simon Stephens’ new play navigates the UK, exploring family, love and delusion; and how to live in a godless universe.Read the Press Release




Photos by Jessica Palopoli

*Courtesy of Actors’ Equity 

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