How to Purchase Official San Francisco Playhouse Tickets

How to Purchase Official San Francisco Playhouse Tickets

Purchasing tickets online can be tricky nowadays, especially with the influx of resellers and third-party marketplaces. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to empower you to make the best purchasing decision when you decide to come enjoy one of our productions, and find the best tickets at the best prices.

Firstly, and most importantly, never trust any website that claims that “tickets may be sold for above face value” or “doesn’t have these tickets yet but is offering to obtain them for you.”

Tickets above face value

Some websites sell tickets that haven’t yet been purchased. These tickets are always sold for more than face value.

These websites may not be legitimate, and will never sell you tickets at fair prices. They are also not capable of confirming that the tickets they’re selling are official because they are not affiliated with the Playhouse. Avoid paying excessive fees for a standard playhouse ticket, and avoid purchasing unofficial show tickets.

Secondly, never trust a seller online from a social media platform (like Facebook) or website such as Craigslist. There is no official way to verify that the tickets they are selling to you are legitimate. Unless you are purchasing a ticket from someone you personally know, it is best to avoid these kinds of transactions.

Never purchase tickets from social media.

Never purchase tickets through social media. The legitimacy of these tickets are unknown.

Lastly, always buy tickets from our official website, through our box office, or through an official partner. Our official website is the best place to purchase tickets to any show. You may also call our box office at 415-677-9596, or visit us in person. Additionally, tickets can be purchased through our verified third-party partners Goldstar and TodayTix. These two websites are the only verified third-party partners that can guarantee official SF Playhouse tickets.

We hope that this quick blog post helps with identifying the best methods to purchase official tickets to our shows. If you have any questions or doubts, always feel free to call our box office at 415-677-9596 and we will happily assist you with the process.

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