2014-2015 Season



Written by Aaron Loeb

Aaron Loeb brings a dark comic edge to this psychological suspense thriller, in which a group of corporate consultants work together on a mysterious and ethically ambiguous project. As the lines between right and wrong are blurred, these characters must navigate the cognitive dissonances and moral dilemmas to decide for themselves if everything is as it really seems.


Music by Burt Bacharach, Lyrics by Hal David
Book by Neil Simon

If you like Mad Men, you’re in luck. Infused with the swinging energy of 1968 Manhattan, Promises, Promises is the musical tale of a lovelorn young executive and a romantically troubled waitress, knotted in a twist of sexual affairs and corporate shenanigans. In this apartment, office romances collide with office politics as you’ve never seen them before.


Written by Julie Hebert

An unexpected knock at the door turns a family upside-down. In this story of beginnings and endings, betrayal and love, three generations twist and grow in astonishing ways. And where their roots meet may surprise you.
“I set out to write a play about race and ended up writing a play about family,” says playwright Julie Hébert about Tree, “About the inescapability of family, of being known over time, of recognizing yourself in others, of continuing relationships after betrayal and suffering. We keep each other honest. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes painful – and so it is with this play.” …


Written by Aaron Posner

It’s “The Seagull” on steroids: Con hates his mother. And Nina, the girl he adores, lusts after his mother’s lover. Mix equal parts ambition, sex, and alcohol, and what you get is a recipe for madness.


By Richard Dresser

Joe’s got a fiancée, his dream job, and the perfect challenge: create a hit reality TV show in 72 hours. What could go wrong? But as the deadline looms and events start to conspire against him, he realizes that everything may not be as it seems. Success has its price—is Joe ready to pay?


Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by George Furth

What do you do when you’ve got three girlfriends, all your friends are married, and it’s your birthday? Find out in Stephen Sondheim’s groundbreaking musical comedy. It’s today in Manhattan, and Robert is unable to make a commitment of his own as he makes the circuit of his married friends, alternately observing and participating in the ups and downs of their relationships.

All of the San Francisco plays listed above are productions of the San Francisco Playhouse, located at 450 Post Street on Union Square. For directions, click here. For tickets, please visit our San Francisco theater tickets page.

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