Promises, Promises - San Francisco Playhouse

Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises

Music by Burt Bacharach, Lyrics by Hal David

Book by Neil Simon


429 Magazine


If you like Mad Men, you’re in luck. Infused with the swinging energy of 1968 Manhattan, Promises, Promises is the musical tale of a lovelorn young executive and a romantically troubled waitress, knotted in a twist of sexual affairs and corporate shenanigans. In this apartment, office romances collide with office politics as you’ve never seen them before. Read the Press Release

San Francisco Playhouse’s production of Promises, Promises is made possible by Executive Producer Robert Hulteng, Producers Bill O’Keeffe, Scott Walecka & Martha Seaverand, and Associate Producers Fred & Beth Karren.


The trailer for ‘Promises, Promises’


Photos by Jessica Palopoli.

To download high-resolution versions of these photos, right-click and select “Save Link (or Target) As”. Alternatively, click each image to open, and then right-click and select “Save Image”.

*Member of AEA


Chuck Baxter
Vanderoff/Karl/Sheldrake (Understudy)
Fran Kubelik
Peggy Olson/Marge (Understudy)
J.D. Sheldrake
Dr. Dreyfuss
Sylvia/Fran (Understudy)/Lead Dancer
Dr. Dreyfuss (Understudy)
Male Swing/Dobitch/Vanderhoff
Female Swing


Artistic Director
Music Director
Music Director/Conductor/Pianist
Assistant Director
Costume Designer/Production Manager
Stage Manager
Production Assistant
Lighting Designer
Props Artisan
Technical Theatre Manager
Scenic Artist
Projections Designer
Sound Design
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Show closed on:
Jan 10, 2015

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